I have had this problem since I got my 2007 Jaguar back in 2007. It's just worse now. When the string is at rest, you can see that the cam isn't totally vertical like it should be. When I draw the bow, the cable consequently doesn't go into the module properly, which messes the serving up sometimes and right now with the F-5 mod set on the first of three pegs, I have very soft, non-stable back wall.

The string and cable are new, (the pics are a preview) and ATA and BH are correct. The bow has 55-70 lb. limbs, set at 61 lbs. It shoots great, but I would like the cam to be positioned correctly so it feels right.

Any suggestions????? More pics can be provided, including pics of the bow drawn if necessary (compliments of the Super Shooter). Attachment 6686