hello all this will be my first post, about 3m ago i bought a 2011 Martin Silencer, when i brought it home the ATA was long, so i twisted the cables and its now perfect. i shoot with a release, and with the limb bolts cranked and the added twists im pullin 69lbs, with a 30in draw. i was shooting GoldTip Velocity arrows with 125gr points 300 spine 30.75in about 430gr total, and spent hrs and hrs tuning shooting hundreds of shots, only to have my arrow flight aggrivate me enough to quit for the night. I followed the Easton guide and it really helped straighten out my arrow, i mean i would get one straight flier and then a few that would fishtail, i got it to a minimum but still i couldt figure it out, so i ruined 4 of my half dozen arrows hitting the nocks so i decided to buy new arrows, i read about the Micro OD carbon injexion arrows, kinda spendy. so i go them and had them cut to 30.5in for a total wieght of 445gr give take. and my first shot i was so happy with my setup, the arrow shot so straight, haha the only thing is that the micro diameter arrow made me have to change the nock point and sight elevation. they have a 330 spine and have 100gr points, I would recommend the buy if you can afford them, im not sure if the other arrows were the reason for the poor flight or form some of the time, but these new ones have made me enjoy my practice alot more and they are very accurate.
This is my second martin bow, the first was a 2011 pantera that ended up with a cracked limb after about two weeks of owning it, but i gave martin another go and traded up to the silencer. i have the ripcord code red rest and a truglo micro adjust extreme 5pin sight