no not at all, it was just a thing of if you got the money try em out kinda thing, i mean i have a pretty god income yet its not disposable, and at the box store where i live they had a few good choices for broadheads, and actually the one i think i will choose is the fixed blade that slips over the shaft. this is the first time i have spent my own money on archery, but started when i was about 12 and have taken about a 10yr break. im 26 now, and like someone said about they would have chosen a 300 spine arrow, well i did, the gold tips they were only $45 and now that i have the carbon injexions those particular gold tips were a waste of money, and yeah im sure that someone else makes arrows as good as my eastons, but the availability of those choices is very limited where i live. there are no archery shops except the box store.... we have a really nice range with 3D shoots on saturday, im from Kenai,Alaska and i plan on doing Red Fox hunting, moose and possible bear and caribou haha and i will get the fox at work they come up to your truck so that will be an easy kill, oh yeah also coyotes as well, they are a lil more skiddish but they are some of the best looking pelts for coyotes.