I have been tossing around the idea of shooting left handed for awhile now, beacause of the damage to my right hand.
I have been back shooting just about 2 years now and have been fighting my anchor, not being able to lock it down and not having it float arond on my face.
Well a good friend of mine has a Shadowcat that shoots left handed let me shoot it yesterday out at the range.
Well I can tell you this.... DANG it was awsome, within about 15-20 min. I was shooting it just like my Shadowcat, same gaps and everything. I was shooting it 3 fingers under and my point on was 50 yards instead of 40 yards. If I cut the arrows a bit longer it will bring my point on back to 40 and I will be good to go.
Bill my buddy gave me one of his old Pro Vantage Hoyts to play around with and I shot it about 2 hours yesterday afternoon and a coulpe of hours today. Give me another week and I will be ready for my first 3-D shoot.
Who would of though it would be that easy to switch from right to left handed non-sighted shooting?