i recently bought a 2011 silencer. Love this bow! its a nail driver and is blazing fast! as i shot it more and more i noticed the bolts on my top cam mod kept coming loose. so i kept tightening them down. shot again another day then would tighten them even more. and finally today i noticed that same came is rubbing ever so slightly on my limb! me freaking out, start to panic about what to do because techincally i didnt buy the bow new, i bought it off someone who never shot it, was brand new in a box. and to make matters more complicated the shop he bought it from went out of business.
so i call my local store and they tell me it could just need re-spacing or the limb might be bad and need to be warrantied. in my head im like "crap i dont have the warranty." So i decide to call up martin and tell them everything going on the the whole story about how im not the technically original owner but i bought it brand new in the box and never shot of anything. The technician told me to bring it to the store and maybe its just or bushing or needs to be respaced, or worst case scenario they will call them up and replace the limb. I brought up again, "will it be "warrantied" then for me" and the tech replied, "yeah as long as the shop doesnt give you trouble we will take care of you."

this is why martin continues to dominate in customer service and why i have and always will support them and proud to shoot their equipment!