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Thread: Who wears eye protection while shooting their bow?

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    I usually shoot outside and I'm sensitive to direct sunlight. I'm always wearing my shades out so the times I have shot a bow without some eye cover were few and far between but it's something to consider as I will probably start shooting indoors a bit more now that I will joining a local archery club. CDN winters aren't very archery friendly.

    Oakley shades are well known for shatter resistance and mine cover the eye well. I will have to look for an indoor alternative.
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    This is the same as not wearing a saftey harness when climbing. It never inpacts us until it's someone we know or ourselves that get hurt. Of course it's a personal decision. Your eyes your choice. As for me I am going to find something for my grandsons to wear when we are shooting together. The thought of one of them losing an eye is incomprehensable.

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    From the time I get up until the time I go to bed. I can't see without glasses and many times it has blessed me by keeping me from self inflicted eye injury.
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