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    Default Enough allready!

    As I write this its 103 degrees outside, went to a 3D shoot last weekend and by 9:30 it was 84. I live in the southern most part of the midwest, along the Ohio river across from Louisville Ky. Anyone thats from here is used to the "air you can wear", but for the last 3 years its a new ballgame.........its right down brutal! I ride a Harley to work most of the time, weather permiting as I did today. When I left this morning it was a cool 60 degrees, my return trip this evening was blazing hot........heat coming off the city streets and interstate allmost took your breath. Im pretty much done with 3D until it cools some..................practice isnt even fun now. Soooooooooooo......I guess what Im saying is Im going into hibernation until this breaks or fall gets here! Im thinking about moving to maybe the upper west coast......I hear they have some rain out there!!..............
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    You might consider Walla Walla. From what I understand Martin is looking for good help. LOL.

    Seriously, I know what you are saying. We've had a few days in the low to mid 90's, but nothing like 103*. When you humidity gets up there it can be downright miserable. Add to that 3D shoots in dense woods where no air can blow through and it gets unbearable.

    I do have the Susquehana river close by and a few creeks where the bass fishing is good. I Put on an old pair of swimming trunks and felt bottom boots, wad the stream and have fun with the fish. Usually no more than waist deep in water it still has a coling effect. My wif can't see how I can stand it without shade for up to seven hours at a time. It's easy, if I get hot I just sit down. Then there are times when I can find a rock (lots of rocks) to stash my gear on and just lounge in the water for a while.
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    It's brutal right now here in IL too ... it gets pretty nasty. I try to get out and shoot a few arrows after 8 or so just before the sun goes down to avoid the heat a little. What worries me is if the rest of the summer is like it was last ... October and November are going to be a lot warmer than I'd like. No joke, we didn't get to hunt snow until the last weekend of the season where I live. It was that mild.
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    109 here in behind the Cabela's in Texas. My ac has not stopped running for days.

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    It's supposed to be 91 here tomorrow....STEAMIN'

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    100+ all this week here in Kansas. They are calling for another 3-4 weeks of it before we get below upper 90's for highs. Not a drop of rain in sight for another 3 weeks or so either. God I hate working outdoors sometimes. Nothing like coming home from working outside, then going to work outside mowing, etc. lol I guess on the bright side, it's usually only 95 or so around 7-8 pm. and the humidity is down around 35-40% by then. lol
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