Hi to the forum. i am new to bows and thought i would get a 2012 threshold. I didn't want to get too deep in to start off with so after tons of research i opted for the best sub $250 bow i could find in my size. I received the Bow on Tuesday and i must say that i am very impressed with the over all fit and finish. I am taking the Bow to my local Wholesale sports because the Bowman said he would help me with initial setup. i will be shooting it at 65lbs with a cobra caliper release with victory vforce v-6 carbon 350 arrows at 30" draw with 31" shafts and 100gr field points for practice. After i put the sights quiver and rest on the bow i noticed that the arrows i selected had been fletched off center with the rest. is this ok or should i take them back and get different arrows? also my bow came with a different sight than mentioned. it was supposed to have a striker sight and it came with a Trophy ridge Sharp shooter sight.

Thank you for your time and Thanks to Barry for helping to get my account on the forums going