Awhile ago I posted about eastons new carbon injexion arrows, they require special broadheads and points insterts etc. Deep Six they call it. I purchased the NAP big nasty 100gr fixed blade broadheads for them.and after paper tuning my 2011 silencer I tried out the flight of the broadheads. They fly straight and on target with field tips. To install the broadheads you select one of the three sized grommets for shaft diameter and slip that over the shaft then slip the broadhead over the shaft and screw it on. One of the benefits I liked about them is that they don't add but a 1/4 inch of length to the arrow they appear to have the three blades welded to the ferrule. On to shooting, in comparison to gold tip velocity arrows with Muzzy 125gr fixed 3 bladed broadheads, mind you the bow setup stayed the same and the Easton arrows are a little over 2.5gr heavier than the goldtips although the 25gr difference from the broadheads makes the wieghts very close. Carbon injexion is right haha these arrows and broadheads drove into my target far deeper than my other arrow combo I would say that I am very impressed with the overall setup. Though not cheep at $40 for 3 broadheads I do say I will definately buying another set for my other 3 arrows. I would bet on easy passbignasty.jpg throughs on big game