swhacker test pic 1 (2).JPGswhacker test pic 2.JPGswhacker test pic 3.JPGswhacker test pic 4.JPGswacker test pic 5.JPG well I am done with the Swhacker broadhead test. I have to admit I am impressed. I originally did this test after reading about Ehunters test, and having the Swhacker(2"cut) fail his test.
Let me start by saying that I am not trying to dispute his test or results. I wanted to test my(1 3/4" cut) broadheads...in order to determine if I should consider hunting Whitetail Deer with them.
The initial test was with 1/8" luan,rigid,cardboard,1/8" panelboard, then a cardboard box with dense packed cardboard then a 3" Polystyrene foam board wrapped in a wool blanket. The broadhead went through all layers and ended up almost going through the foam board.
The broadhead remained intact and still sharp. The outside of the luan was wrapped in a layer of sweatshirt.
I will post a couple more posts to get all of the pictures inserted. The first picture on the next post is of the broadhead after the initial test.
The second test will be posted right after this one