swhacker test pic 11.jpgswhacker test pic 13.jpg

The broadhead almost came out the back side of the plywood as you can see in the above picture. When I pulled it out the chissled head came off. Other than that, the broadhead remained intact.
You can see by the picture above where the arrow went into the can.

swhacker test pic 12.jpg
As I said at the beginning of the first post, I am impressed with the way this broad head performed. The blades were still intact and weren't as dulled as I would have thought.
I know that plenty of people will look at these posts and have many different oppinions. I am not trying to change any minds or discount any previous tests or thoughts about his particular broadhead. I wanted to know for my own good...just how this broadhead would perform and whether I could trust it to do want I want it to. I personally think that it will work great on Deer, or maybe even Black Bear.....after that your guess is as good as mine.