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Well. so far, he's ahead in the early innings, but the ballgame is far from over! He's pretty crafty, and I am playing on his home field. Got a trail cam pic of him 15 minutes after I installed fresh batteries, so the big guy watched me change 'em out. Found another of his favorite areas last Nov, about a mile from the olld homestead, at least there where a lot of his tracks around the beaver pond. Several big trees overlooking that we can put a stand up in, unlike the spot the avatar pic was taken, where the tallest tree was the apple tree the cam is on. I can see that spot from a couple of stands, 130 yds and 158 yds away, so I could take him with my .270 Win and the hand loads I loaded just for him, but thats not how I want to take him. Just finished testing revolver loads yesterday, so we're ready for the 'after the shot tracking'. We're allowed to carry personal protection here in Oregon, and are always packin when changing trail cam batteries, Just in case he shows up while we're there! Bear season opens Aug 1st. Berries are ripe Sept, when I'd prefer to take him. We'll see how it plays out.
Wish we could carry side arms here,but we are behind the times,I do carry a pump shotgun with slug barrel in bow season to the stand ,just in case.Good luck ES.