Here's my new Old bow. I bought her yesterday at a Pawn Shop for 20 bucks. The limbs looked good so I bought it. I was looking for Old martins but they only had one and it was a newer bengal and was way overpriced. They had a old High Country bow for arounfd 45 bucks that looked great but it had a feather thin crack on the top limb coming from the bolt. So i didn't buy it. there was another one I was interested in but I never heard of the brand..white, black lightning...something to that effect. I might be going back to buy an old Longbow that wasn't warped. it didn't have a DW number on it so i held off on buying it for 35 bucks.

I hope these pics show up. My internet sucks right now and shuts down. I shot her a few times and stopped because it does need new strings. It diesn't have a serial number on it. I need to find more info on her when my interweb is back up to normal.