Hi all,

as per the title, the item just arrived at my door step. it a Trophy ridge Revolution rest. It looks well built and solid.
This is my first drop away rest, after years shooting prong rest, and WB.


Im no confident to set it up on my bow. i called a fren of mine at my local archery shop, even worst, they never heard of this rest. Bang wall!!!!...

So, i tried it with my hand, turning it to lock the position, and release it by hand, it seem hard for the arm to go back to the original position. is the rest sensitivity adjustable? or it will work great once setup right on the bow as per the instruction provided.? i just dare not to risk my arm for the rest to explode.

Bro, and Sis give some comment, to encourage me to set it up on my bow to shoot it... or maybe im too comfortable with WB all this while.