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Thread: 2011-2012 Onza III

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    Default 2011-2012 Onza III

    Im curious if anyone has really done a detailed comparison of the 2011 & 12 Onzas ? The one thing Id be intrested in knowing is the 2012 model quieter than the 011. Im just speaking for me but my experiance with the 2011's out of the box is that they are pretty loud. Mine had a distinct "crack" at the shot , I switched mine over to the standard cable slide from the get go and it still had the distinct crack at the shot. After alot of tweaking its now like a different bow, I really cant complain but Id be curious to know if the 012's are anything like this?
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    my 2012 onza is quiet, everyone whos heard it being shot said its quiet.
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    My buddy heard a noise on my '12 and after moving his head around the bow while I shot we figured it was the QAD rest slapping the shelf. Other then that its fairly quiet.

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