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Thread: New limbs or new bow....

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    Default New limbs or new bow....

    As I mentioned in a threat below the Prowler SE (I believe it's a 2004) with Tru-Arc cams that I bought used is too heavy for me (55-70 lbs). I can get a set of lighter limbs for about $160 shipped to my door. The other option is buying a new bow. My local shop has a Brand new Saber SE with the M-Pro Cam in my proper weight for $289 plus tax (14% here in Ontario Canada) for a total of $329.

    For the extra $140 am I better to go with the new bow? Is the Saber SE with the Dyna Cam a better bow than the older Prowler SE?

    My thought is that I would then just swap the parts over and sell the Prowler?

    What do you think? New limbs or new bow?


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    Which bow feels better, shoots better, draws nicer, etc...? Your preference should be the deciding factor.

    Are the Tru-Arc's dual, or single? If they are dual, I personally would hang on to your existing bow. I have had some problems with Solocams due to nock travel and lean. Dual cams will be more accurate. The M-Pro is excellent as far as solocams go, but a dual cam is still better. Even hybrid is not bad at all.

    What made you decide on the Saber; price? If price is not an issue too much, look at the Firecat as an alternative to a solocam. Even a Slayer would be a viable option.

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    I think if I were you I'd sell the Prowler outright and just buy the Saber.
    For one thing Martin does not make the TruArc cams any more. In fact they only made them for two years. If ever you have a problem with the cams Martin will replace them with the Dyna (single) cam.

    The only draw back, if you can call it that, with the Saber is that the riser is cast magnesium. That's not totally bad. Years ago cast risers were the standard in metal risers. The rest of the parts on the bow are the same as on all their bows.

    As for the MPro cam? Have you drawn one yet? It's got to be one of the easiest drawing cams on the market today. And with it's popularity I don't see it fading away any time real soon. Bowhunters love the easy draw.

    I'd say that if you can sell the Prowler for $150 you'd only have to lay out the difference of $180 for the Saber. That's only $20 more than the new limbs and you have the newer cam and much better strings.

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