Well, I got my strings from Hutch two days ago. First impression was good. I'm used to looking at quality strings and these are as good as any I have ever seen. The color combination I chose was Flame, Silver/black speckled with clear halo for all end servings. Center and STS are red. To me it's kind of classy without being too..........

Got to really look them over the next day and then git to installing them, but first had to do some necessary machining work. Most of us know about and/or have experienced excessive serving wear and I'm no different. This Nemisis showed such wear on the string serving after only a few hundred shots. My 2011 model did the same thing. I did do some careful analyzing and decided that the main problem was caused by sharp inner edges of the string grooves and the inner edge of the modules.

First step was to tear down the bow and dig out the files. Mainly used a small rat-tail. At times I stopped and run a fingernail over the edge till satisfied that there were no roughness or burrs. While I was at it I did the other bow and my 2010 Alien Z, something I've put off doing for some time. I just can't see putting a good quality set of strings on a bow because the serving gets chewed up without fixing the root problem. No sense in throwing good money after bad.

Anyway, that taken care of I installed the strings just as they came. a2a came in about 3/16 short, brace was right on, and draw weight was about 3# heavier than before. A few twists here and there should bring things in fairly good although I don't usually worry too much about specs so much as how the bow feels. I did get to sight it oin for 20 yards and although I need a half twist on the bottom end of the string to orient the peep there is no peep rotation. I'm more interested in keeping an eye on the end servings to see if the serving wear problem is solved.

Anyway, here's are a few pics and a big thanks to Hutch for a good looking set of strings.P1010040.jpgP1010038.jpgP1010036.jpgP1010039.jpg