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Thread: Minerals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bent Arrow View Post
    What do you folks (if it's legal in your area) put out for a mineral lick to strengthen the deer herd? I've had good luck with Trophy Rock and Buck Lickers 4lb bricks. Acorn and Sweet corn & molasses seem to work pretty well.
    A bottle of molasses is a cheap way to liven up your corn pile too
    You're gonna get bears! Molasses has a strong scent, and will attract bears from a long ways off. Deer do love it, but will be second in line, waiting till the bear gets done, who will just flop right down and graze on the pile till its gone. Another cheap way to liven up your corn pile is Vanilla. I've tried that sweet corn and molasses block, got a bear, ate the whole block, like I said, just floped down and gobbled. Of course that is in Oregon, where we're not allowed to run bears with dogs, and since that law was enacted, the bear population has exploded, bear tags are now $11 for the Aug 1st thru Dec 31st, addional tags are avaible, also have a spring season, same thing with Cougars, now a total of an 11 month season on them. Worse in California, where cougars are protected.
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    I'll try that vanilla. We have one zone in SC that bears can be legally taken and on certain days dogs can be run. I hope they let us have a drawing for tags like they do on our gator season. That would thin them out a bit.
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