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    could anyone tell me why so many experienced archers are of the opinion that dual cams are much better than a solocam?

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    As a rule. dual cams are faster and smoother drawing. With the better string materials and string construction these days a dualie has less of a tendency for the cams to go out of sync. Plus, a dualie just has more and better options in the tuning department.

    Single cams, although they can't go out of sync, still have to be "timed" properly for level nock travel and performance. And because most have a very long string it has more of a tendency to creep (stretch) causing draw length to change, tuning to change, and the cam timing issues I've already alluded to.

    Now there's also these new hybrid and binary cams. Basically they are dual cams, but with a different shaped module on each cam. Hoyt's cam 1/2 is a good example as is Martin's Cat Cam. I haven't any experience with them as of yet (my FireCat is coming) so can't give any educated information.

    So which is really better? You'd have to own both for a while to draw your ownconclusions. I shot dual cams from 1973 to 1996. Then shot single cam bows from 1996 to 2004. I fianlly got with Martin and had a chance to get a dual cam bow again and jumped at it. I am of the hope that I can continue to shoot dual cams.

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    thanks for the response the reason i was woderering is because my old cougar (1983)has twin cams and it shoots pretty good. but since the 50% let off is wreaking havoc on my body i'm going to buy another. (been thinking a lot about that pm you sent me) just wasn't sure which to choose from the gazillion models that are out there. what i really want is one that is fairly simple to maintain and repair by myself. that's why i love my recurve excalibur crosbow but i am ready to vertical guys. thanks again for the response.

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