Well Thursday I placed an order for a Pantera Mag. I was torn on what color to get. I wanted the red but my #1 son says get camo. So Bill gets on the phone to order a camo riser black carbon limbs combo (I just like that combo a lot), and come to find out , Martin doesn't "mix and match" anymore. He begged and told her he used to do that all the time, and she said all camo only, so I got the Crimson Red. I think it will be sharp.
On a side note, do you think 4 sons can keep a "secret"? Friday night while out for dinner, my wifes asks what happenend yesterday that the kids won't tell me? I told Landon go ahead and tell her, so he does.
Wife: Oh, ok.
Me: Yeah, I've been saving my money blah blah blah....
Her: Cool! blah blah....
Me: (Testing the waters) Yeah, just need to save for a sight now, didn't have enough $ for that.....
Her: How much is that?
Me: Oh , about $200 (Axel Armortech baby, go big or go home right?)
Her: Well, get one then.
Me: Huh? wow. Cool. (silently in my head of course)
I think an Axcel Armortech 5 pin .019 Pro HD, or no HD, Vision may be in my future also. It was a good Fri the 13th.