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Thread: NAP Deep Six D6 Big Nasty Broadhead

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    Default NAP Deep Six D6 Big Nasty Broadhead

    Has anyone tried these yet? Been thinking about getting a pack to try out. I like how the shaft goes through the base. Seems to me that would help keep it flying where you want it, stabilize quicker, and possibly better penetration. I don't like the fact that they require & will only work with the deep six inserts. Look like a newer version of the Razorcap, which also is a wicked broadhead.
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    It would be cheaper to get Victory VAP's, and just use whatever head you want with them. I can testify to the penetration they get. It's unbelievable. Been shooting them for a couple of years now, and they out penetrate anything else I have shot by far. They are also a "micro-shaft" arrow, but they use a half-outsert/insert that is tapered up at the front to fit broadheads or FP's. The only thing I don't like about them is, you can't shoot them into a bag target. It bends the outsert/insert. It's also very hard to find a target that'll stop them and still leave enough arrow sticking out the front to be able to remove them shooting any closer than 30 yards. That's good penetration. lol
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