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Got a hold of the dfg wildlife biologist for this district and he was very interested so i e-mailed him the pictures. He did not think it was anyone from the state, but maybe someone running dogs illegally. Anyway it's out there about as far as I can take it, just have to wait and see what becomes of it. Luckily my camera still works, they just managed to break the strap mounts off the back. I can't believe they didn't just twist off the plastic lock tag and take the whole thing. I'll post again if I hear anything more.
Had a tresspasser damage one of my trail cams last year, shot it with a blunt! Opening day of deer season, I found out why he wanted the camera out of the area, found the remains of a yearling killed the day before. Mine was locked to the tree with a cable. Seems your vandels are'nt all that bright, leaving their photo in the trail cam. Hope you get 'em!