ES4X5, with the sight right now, if you count all the washers, screws etc., it's in 34 pieces. The main body is in 7 pieces. I did not take the fiber optic pin out, or the level. I was able to tape over those areas to avoid problems. Let me know what screws you are wanting to replace, and I can get you the sizes of them.

Got everything painted this morning, and have it hanging to dry right now. Had to paint outdoors, but it was pretty windstill, and didn't get any dust in the finish that I can see. Next step is a light sanding, then dipping. Will do the sanding this week, dipping starts Sat. They called this a "cream" color basecoat, but it's pretty much a slightly off white. One thing about the kit, it is ONLY good for one bow. Nearly ran out of paint just getting one good coat on it today. I'd advise anyone thinking about doing this to just go buy a quart of automotive paint (not a spray can), and use that for their base. Not to mention, you can customize the color to your liking that way.