This upcoming season is my second bow season. I see a lot of adds, for all these fancy bow stands, all of which costing over 100$ easily. The stand I hunted out of last year, was made by my father, and not bought out of a store. This year I used what I learned from my hunt last year, to design and build my own stand this year. I know its a little hefty, but it is sturdy and I know it will not be noisy, once hung in a tree. I was wondering if anyone had any input on bow stands. Personal favorites? Pros? Cons? 0r any tips they might have when it comes to constructing any tree-stands. I built my stand completely from scrap material from where I work. (If your city has a "loadmaster" garbage truck, chances are that I had something to do with it! Any input is appreciated!
All my stand needs is a seat, which is my next and final step, before hanging it in a tree!