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    michigan man

    Default martin moab

    here are my speeds on my new moab. 385 grain arrow at 29" draw,
    54lbs 245 fps
    57lbs 254f[ps
    60lbs 263fps

    400 grain arrow

    54lbs 234fps

    57lbs 244 fps

    60lbs 254 fps

    great shooting bow,very smoooooth,and deadly quiet.i have a very bad shoulder and the m-pro cam will give me a few more years with verticle bow,jim
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    michigan man

    Default moab

    my string and cables look big from the shadow off the wall

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    Does the stock Moab come with STS? It doesn't show it on the Martin website? How did you get it?

    Oh, by the way, thanks for putting those specs up. I'm looking for all the info that I can find on the Moab.

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    Default specs for 27 inch draw

    240 fps 5 shot average
    27 inch draw @ 60 pound
    500 easton epic
    100 gr. fild tip
    wisker bisket
    3 inch blazer vains


    Still getting used to it only shot about 100 or so rounds thought it,, cant wait to get it broke in.

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    Default Moab vs fire cat

    The firecat and moab look a lot alike, is there any difference other than the cams?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrags View Post
    The firecat and moab look a lot alike, is there any difference other than the cams?
    Only differance is the cams and Re inforced limbs on the Firecat they look like this:

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    I see thanks for the info, just watned to kow,

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    michigan man

    Default my moab

    i havent checked mine since new.

    at 29" draw

    55lbs 385 grain arrow 249 fps

    at 60lbs it shot 264

    410 grain arrow
    239fps at 55lb

    at 60lbs 255fps

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