Well, I am getting a '12 Cougar in the mail in the next week or 2, and gonna need to get some sights, want a lighted 5 pin i think, and a new rest for it. Any suggestion for either? Don't want to spend over a hundred bucks on each. Mostly hunting and some 3d shoots.

Heard great stuff on Spott Hogg but a little more than I want to spend.

Looking at a trophy ridge alpha v5, at the top of the list

Also a few truglos looked ok.

Anybody ever deal with Extreme sights either? Seemed resonable

Drop away rest a QAD ultra pro hd or the NAP apache. Got a buddy that can get good price on them.

Although I wouldn't mind a capture rest, KISS, but haven't heard a ton of good reviews on them.

Octane has a decent looking capture, the Hostage

I will need some new arrows too, not sure if I want to stick to the GT 5575 that I use on my older Pantera.
will be shooting 60 pounds and around 26" draw with the nitro 2 cams. Sorry got long with all the ?'s

Thanks again, Timmy