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Thread: Don't Look!...Avert your eye's. May cause excessive drooling!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double S View Post
    The Engraved guns were done by my father. No Machine was used just an hammer and chisel. I'll post more pics as I go through cleaning the guns. The guns i don't shoot much get the white glove treatment. I clean them in and out and make sure I use a glove to place them back into the safe. A really thin coat of protective oil keeps the rust away. I don't want any oils from my hands sitting on the firearms I don't use much. I pull them out every Quarter or so and check to see if they need another protective coat. I have a great father. As I was growing up I always received a Pistol or rifle for my Birthday and Christmas. Except for one Birthday, I got a Dirt bike. My collection is well stocked. lol. I didn't care much for baseball cards, Atari, etc. Most of my rifles don't have Scopes and I mainly learned from my father..He wasn't a fan of Scopes. We did a lot of Cowboy shooting and Long range Modern Black powder Silhouette shooting. Open sights. As he aged, he did move on to an Old School Tube Scope for one of his Sharps. I just recently got into using modern scopes.
    Great collection! Your father has a great talent bro and the fact that just hammer and chisel were the only tools used is a true testament to his skill. Got a dirt bike one birthday huh? You poor deprived kid. (Just kidding.)
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    Thanks guys for the kind words. I have a few more pics to post. I'm having a rough time right now with Back spasms. All that Driving from California did some work on my back plus running around on two reservation. lol. This is only the top shelf of the safe. I'm going through the collection and cleaning and oiling them. Updating my pics for Insurance purposes, etc. If you guys have guns, bows, etc. make sure you take multiple pics of them for insurance and Police reports just in case there's a fire or theft. You have proof that you had the item and it will help the police locate and prove that an item is your property. Make sure you guys take close ups of the serial numbers and any distinguishing marks too. Do not place the pics in the same place where the items are located. Place them somewhere else. Maybe at a trusted friends or relatives house or a bank box, if you have one. If your house gets burned down, you loose the items plus the important pics and papers. I have copies on my PC plus two more on portable USB cards. I have the cards at two different locations. When you sell or change your items, make sure you update you inventory list and pics. My Safe is fire rated but I do live out in the country. It took 30 minutes just for a regular ambulance to show up. It might seem extreme for some here reading this but it's just an extra precaution.

    Yes Speedy, The British Dog Lock was an earlier version of a Flint lock with a Safety. They would load the rifle and pull the hammer all the way back. When they were in formation getting ready to fire a volley, they would have the hammer cocked back and placed the Safety (Dog Lock) over the exposed sear and catch the back of the Hammer. As long as you had the rifle pointed was safe and the gun wouldn't fire even if you pulled the trigger. Once they were ready to fire..all they had to do was to raise the rifle barrel up as they were getting ready to aim and shoot...the dog lock would fall back with gravity. Things pretty much changed to the regular flintlock, then percussion caps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Speedykills View Post
    Wow what a collection,nice 22 pistols and i really like the last one a take it's black powder!

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    Thats alot of Rugers. Very nice collection, thanks for sharing.

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    Very, Very, NICE DS!

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    I will trade you for a string set!!!! Ha!!!! bet that ain't happening.


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