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Thread: Favorite bow stands

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    Default Favorite bow stands

    Hey, I was just wondering if any one had any input on good bow stands. Every bow stand that I have ever used was a home made one, so those are what I have grown fond of. I like a one-piece design (no moving parts, no unnecessary noise) Only downfall is slight limitations due to weight and awkwardness when it comes to hanging. I was wondering if anyone has any input or advice on any of the many commercial bow stands out there. bowstand.jpg This is the one I made this summer. All I have left to do is put a seat on it. Its heavy, but I'm young and don't mind, and I know it will support my 6'3" frame easily.

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    All I use are ladder stands. Got one hang on still in use, but I hardly ever sit that stand. I just buy the cheap Big Game brand, or whatever is on sale from Sportsman's Guide. They hold up to 250#, and are pretty sturdy. Got my first one about 12 years ago, and that's all I buy now. Far easier to get into and out of, and I just take a cushion I made to sit on.
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    In my experience the more expensive stands are the ones that get ripped off. A $50 SG stand won't get looked at twice, but a $300 higher end stand will get noticed. I guess if you're going to steal, why steal hamburger when you can get prime rib? The sentence is the same. To steal a man's (or woman's) tree stand is a low, vile act. IMO
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