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Thread: 2012-Martin Bow Reviews....Let's hear them

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    after having shot the scepter v now for a few months i'll chime in on my experience with it.
    i like the grip over the shadowcat. to me there is a different feel to it and it settles into my hand much more consistently. it is a step or two faster than the shadowcat so that i'm able to get 280 fps for the ASA shoots.

    i do not like the finish, especially on the riser. i have several small chips in the paint that, on a black riser, i can't hide.

    while i appreciate all the mounting points on the riser, i wish they had stayed with stainless steel inserts for the stabilizer mount. the quick disconnect mounting hole has me concerned about its long term viability. in addition, the paint, again, is chipped away around the hole.

    i haven't shot enough other bows of similar ata and brace, but i'm satisfied with how the bow shoots. i continue to tweak the draw length, draw stop position, and tiller.

    i haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else, so i'll give a big plus for the hammerhead string and cable. no peep twist, no stretch. stays in spec. don't see how you could beat 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedykills View Post
    So what did you notice! string noise or speed loss,must have been string noise or you wouldnt have put them on in first place! i know my bengal had alot of buzz after shot.Wiskers took care of it though........and sts wasnt needed.
    Yep, string noise. Didn't really noticed it much prior to placing the whiskers on there. Take them off to shoot and holy ballz is there a difference. One thing that was sweet about the Alien, bare string aside from speed nocks and it was crazy quiet imo.
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