Sue and I went to a 2 day 3-D shoot this weekend, it was the largest turnout ever for this shoot, it was awsome.
We shot 40 targets on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. It was 1 arrow unmarked yardage ranging between 5 and 70 yards.
I had forgot that I had dropped the poundage down on my bow a few days before the shoot so my buddy could shoot it and was shooting everything real low on Sat. 7 targets from the end I figured out why I was dropping low and cranked the bow up 4 full turns and started pegging the spots. Sunday I tore em up but due to my low first day score I ended up finishing in 3rd with a 388 total, oh well 1st the last 2 years in a row is ok, but watch out next year...
Sue stepped in a hole and went down scrapping up her leg and knocking her sights and rest out. She finished in 17th...:-(
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