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Thread: Peterson's Bowhunting Magazine Review of the 2012 Bengal...anyone else read it...?

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    Default Peterson's Bowhunting Magazine Review of the 2012 Bengal...anyone else read it...?

    so i read last night with eagerness...and kinda came away dissappointed........
    when it came to quietness it was pretty quiet, moderate level of vibration, the grip was very well's the biggee..............the speed was really dissappointing.....
    the tester shoots at 65lbs and 28 inch DL.......and 375 grains
    In a nut shell the mathews z7 shot during testing with the same 304-306 fps
    which puts it at IBO spec basically....

    the bengal was at 280fps...........which really puts it at a 305-310fps bow......
    dissapointing to say the least.......
    Not trying to bash or get a big argument on here going but dang.

    am i off thinking that the bengal is a 305-310fps realistically......?
    i'm trying to make sense of the petersons bowhunting test......
    if i buy one next year...i want to know what these bows and this fury cam are really doing...

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    Only way your gonna know is go shoot one with your arrow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if ya got to drive a distance then so be it.............i dont see any other way.....Or do like i did get one from a online store,i got mine from dicks and have 90 days to return it if not satisfied......if you dont like it send it back.

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    Add 5# to the draw weight, 2" to the draw length and subtract 25 grains from the arrow weight and see what it shoots.

    Until you shoot one you will not know if YOU like it or not.
    A little common sense goes a long way, unfortunately it's in short supply!

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    I don't pay any attention to what a magazine says about a bow. Of course they are going to talk up the "Big 3" because that's where their advertising money comes from.
    Until they have bow techs from each company set the bows up to peak performance, THEN test them, there'll never be a truly honest comparison. For all anyone knows, the Martin may have been out of time and out of tune. We all know that ruins speed and accuracy, causes vibration and noise, etc. And from what you stated, that's exactly what they had. An untuned bow.
    Gimme ANY bow, and I can make it shoot WELL under IBO if I want to. lol
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    no referees, no judges, no inspector.

    how to call for the count?

    No count for me....
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    What's the price difference?

    Personally, I'm not willing to spend twice as much for a bow that shoots 10 fps more. Hunting whitetail in New York consists of shots to 30 yrds or less in 90% of the hunting situations. The Bengal far exceeds the needs of any hunting bow here. If you're hunting speed goats over waterholes in Wyoming out to 50-60 yds all the time then maybe the extra speed is warranted. But in that case I think its really specialized.

    I just don't understand the whole speed infatuations, seriously, hunt with a rifle if you want super fast.

    Just my 2 cents.
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