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The first time it wasn't tested according to IBO specs. Whether someone at Martin personally tuned the bow for the second attempt could be true of course, but there was no reference for that in the video. But it was a different version anyway (TRG removed and replaced with a conventional rod/slide), being close to 2012 model (I have a similar "intermediate model" myself, although a 60# version).

The Alien XT was almost 340 fps. Of course, it could have been "super tuned" before sending the bow to Ike, but even so, I wouldn't consider it faking.

I am quite sure that all manufacturers give the highest fps reading that the bow can be tuned to. If we have a look at the factory settings of the bow, my Hoyt CRX 32 had those much more off than the Onza (had to adjust both cam lean and timing for the Hoyt, while these were both perfect out of the box for the Onza). Setting cams in sync for Hoyt too and shooting a speed test gave pretty much equal result in my tests. CRX IBO is 323 fps and Onza's 330-340 fps, so Onza should have been faster, but it was actually 1 fps or so slower than the Hoyt (I tested at 56#, 400 grain arrows). But the accuracy of draw weight measurement is something I cannot be so sure about. Anyway, I was satisfied with the speed of Onza 3.

If i recall in Ike's video he did mention that it was the second test and that someone at martin personally tuned it..........the 1st test it didn't come close to hitting IBO....
Atleast the 2nd test it hit IBO and it was a little quieter...etc..