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    i shoot with fingers and have shot cougars for several years and have 3 brothers shooting them as well we love the shoot through system, and love the cougar. i was planning on getting a new 1 this year since i usually upgrade every couple of years. and found martin quit making the best finger shooting hunting bow ever. very disappointed. can any one tell me if the mystic is at all comparable to the cougar?

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    The Mystic appears to be most similar to the P3 Elite. Same A2a, BH, etc... THis is 1" more BH than the Cougar, and 10 FPS slower, if my memory serves me correctly.

    You could order the Mystic, and try to get ahold of some Nitrous X cams. They will add a lot of speed, and you still get shoot through duals. Not sure how you would determine string length, peak weight, etc... You could try to look at the P3 charts of last year.

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