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Well I need to check for sure but my actual dl is 28 to 28 1/2". According to the gt arrow chart this is the arrow I need. I have some 5575s but cant get them to tune either. One interesting note the xt hunters are a 340 spine but I also have some xt velocities wich are a 300 spine. My velocities with a screw in 100 grain tip dont tune either but I have 2 that have 100 grain glue in points that shoot perfectly through paper. Why is this because there is less weight at the front of the shaft cause there is no insert I really dont want to get new arrows but if I have to I have to i guess. Unless you guys think a 125 grain point will work.
Thought I saw 27" DL in your sig line when I responded, my bad. Which mod do you have installed on the cam? If you are a 28-28.5 DL that will make a big difference in how close these arrows are to being the correct spine.You may have the centershot off a bit and you will probably need to put a bit of lean into the idler to get the tear out.Start with zero lean in the idler and Reset the centershot on the rest so the arrow is inline with the string as it comes off the cam/idler tracks and make your centershot adjustments in very small increments......no more than 1/16" at a time as its very easy to go right past the optimum setting. Once you get the tear down to as small as possible, start adding some lean to the idler
one twist at a time on the left side yoke to lean the idler toward the ccs(assuming this is a RH bow). If the tear gets worse......start leaning the idler in the other direction one twist at a time in the right side of the yoke.

I've setup and tuned more than a few Panteras, as long as the arrow spines out fairly close it shouldn't be very difficult to get tuned, let us know which mod is on the cam and I can tell you how close the spine is to being correct.

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I disagree. Too stiff arrow should not be a problem. In contrast, too weak arrow can cause tear sideways.
Too stiff an arrow can and will be a problem and result in a horizontal tear just the same as an arrow thats too weak, only the tear will generally be in the opposite direction........depending on where the centershot is set at, what type of rest is being used and what type of cable containtment system is on the bow. Generally, a stiff arrow is a little easier to broadhead tune than a weak arrow, but again that all depends on the bow in question, if it has a rollerguard system for containing the cables, a borderline weak shaft will usually tune a little easier than a borderline stiff shaft.