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Thread: BowMaster adapters

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    Quote Originally Posted by spanner View Post
    Thanks for the pics,I've never owned a bow that is as parallel as the Bengal pro when press to the point where the string becomes loose the limbs are past parallel gets you thinking its going to move is it safer to use adapter on bows that parallel.

    Really, on bows like the Bengal, Nemisis, and such that are just about parallel you're better off without the adapters and hooking up like in the first picture. The limbs aren't flexed as much at the limb fork and the Bowmaster is pulling it's ends pretty much perpendicular to the limbs. Believe me, once you have some tension on it th ends are not going to slip.
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    Yer that's what I thought I just need others opinion thanks heaps bfisher I just put the cable ties on for piece of mind through the rizer then over press cable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by droppixel View Post
    Right, slow will get the job done. I know you can use a ratchet and socket on it, so I'm hoping that will make it less slow and easier to turn. I'll post my opinions on it later. Thanks Barry.
    I too have a BowMaster and wanted a faster, yet safe way to work it on my Firecat. I tried the ratchet method, which was better than the t-handle or a box-end wrench, then I got the idea of using my battery operated drill-driver with the proper socket and it works like a charm - nice and quick and very manageable so I know I'm safe. I also found a couple of leather strips that I use to guard the limb forks and another that guards my string suppressor rod, so it doesn't mar the finish or abrade the limb slots. One of the best things about this press is its portability and light weight, which makes it nice to take on hunting trips. I don't take it in my pack, choosing to leave it in my "tackle box" that is either in my truck or my camper so it's just a reasonably short distance from wherever I am if it's needed.
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    Some info to update for the Bowmaster....

    i had it for quite sometimes.

    It works well on the solid limb for Martin and Rytera (without any adapter)

    BUT for split limb, guess u need the latest "L" shape adapter. (I yet to order, to try on the SPLIT LIMB)

    i had the "J" hooked like wat Barry have and showed on the first page of the thread. ---- IT does not work on the Martin SPLIT LIMB.

    So other user, bare in mind. DO Not attempt using the "J" hook adapter for split LIMB.
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