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Thread: HELP!!! Looking at trading my Silencer for a Hoyt. Talk me out of it

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    Many good points above.

    I recently changed my Hoyt CRX 32 to Martin Onza 3 so I may have something to say I just hated the fuel cams of Hoyt - and if the one you are looking for has RKT cams, they are not much different: even though the cams are smooth otherwise, the transition to let-off is abrupt, thus it is hard to draw smoothly all the way back. And if you relax just a little and let it creep just a little bit in full draw, the cams roll over without warning. I have seen several accidential shots because of this (including myself). The danger is especially high when hunting or training for hunting, when you often cannot use the basic posture for shooting. I thought I would get used to Hoyts cams but after 4 months I gave up. And I have seen guys with years of ownership to struggle with them still.

    I can't understand why Hoyt brings basically the same cam system to the market year after year, without making significant improvements. XTR, Fuel or RKT cams - there really is no difference. Onza 3 makes me smile every time I shoot it - with Nitro cams, it is a pleasure to draw and shoot and it is STABLE in full draw - even if you relax a little. I would never change it back to the Hoyt I had.

    My Onza 3 was relatively loud (cams in sync) but installing slipjax to the strings made a huge difference (I even measured it with a dB meter). It is still somewhat louder than Hoyt CRX, but no longer matters to me.

    Many new Hoyts are difficult to tune for broadheads. Tuning involves working with cable yokes - the bow may not respond to tuning the arrow rest location sideways. Same is true for some Bowtechs such as Invasion CPXL. No such problem with Onza 3, which obeys traditional tuning methods.

    So I have no experience about Silencer, but if you are serious about Hoyt, you should at least carefully test one before purchase.
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