Decided to try some bareshaft tuning since I can't get my broadheads to group with my FP's. I have walkback tuned, shot in for nock heigth and centershot. Shot as far out as 60 yards, and everything was dead on. Paper tuning resulted in a left tear regardless of what I did. (Not much on paper tuning anyways.) Shooting my 65# Alien X. With a 340 spine, I get a bareshaft group about 10 inches right of my fletched arrows. With a 300 spine, I am 6-7 inches right. I tried turning the bow down to about 58 pounds, same results. That says that the spine is too weak, but a 300 spine out of a 58# bow should be too stiff. What am I not thinking about here? The bow is grouping very well with both FP's and BH's, just not anywhere near the same spot. Thanks for the input guys!