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Thread: What the heck bow have I bought?

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    Default What the heck bow have I bought?

    Hello Bowyers,

    My name is Jack I am a neophyte to archery, I have no desire to hunt deer just target practice, in preparation for the impending zombie apocalypse. Last time I picked-up a bow was 37yrs ago in high school. Found a Martin Compound for $10usd last month, needs a string, cables are OK and it's 42.5" ATA and that's all I know.

    I would appreciate any help identifying the model, possible age. Sorry I cannot provide better pics, camera on the fritz. Both cams appear to be perfectly round and molded, I think Martin called these speed-wheels. There are 2 casting marks on the riser. One stamped on the upper right-side a round emblem, a deers head surrounded by 3 arrowheads and Martin Archery Inc. The other mark, cast inside the lower limb craddle also round, an illegible character at the center surrounded by a 12 segmented ring, 6 of these segments contain a small star or asterisk.

    I would like to stripe, powder-coat, replace the missing wood emblem, and re-string maybe even better cams. Can anyone help identify or point me in the right direction?
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