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Thread: I Q bowsights

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob cooly View Post
    I have 2 4 pins on both my bows and love them. I think they give me and added edge and extend my groups out 10 yards or so. I tend to be more of and insticntive type shooter even with sights and the little green retina lock works for me especially when sitting down or some other contorted shot presents itself. Do you need it to kill a deer, no a 39 dollar Trueglow will work just as good. Remember glueing match sticks on the riser of your recurve?
    Not on my recurve! But I've seen guys use straight pin and a piece of tape. I've shot recurves with sights, and stringwalked, and am back to instintive or gap shooting with the recurve. Have been full circle.
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    When I was first made aware of the IQ site ,It made all the sense to make the bow less tork sensitive, but like all have said its aganist the rules to over correct the shot.And at 200.00 some odd bucks I can think of something better to buy. I did consider getting one ,but after I thought about it,the main goal is to get u to focus on the green dot , not your pin and target .I personally think it would be to distracting.

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