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They are nice, they are fast. I had a personal problem with the draw cycle, felt fine, but issues arose. I had an AS100, 55 lbs, and something in my upper arm got strained or something. Switched to another bow, it went away. A couple of weeks later, picked up the Darton, issue came back. Sold it.

A few months later I picked up a DS 2500, I think. Loved it, but the same pain returned. All I can figure is that something about the draw cycle, or how I draw just didn't work with them. I've never experienced the same strain before or since. Great bows, but they didn't like me.

Which model did you win?
Were you using the same release? I tried switching from my tried and true winn free flight to a scott silverhorn and i started developing pain during the draw cycle. anyone want a scott silverhorn $30(buckle)tyd.