Well the long 3 day wait is over! The bow i won at the R100 in Michigan has arrived. I asked darton for a 28.5 inch draw (a half inch short for hunting) and the bow came in today. First impressions its a slick looking bow, and i really like the fat grip (the bow also came with a spare set of smaller side plates for a thinner grip) overall fit and finish was solid. Cam timing was great and i had to adjust the slightest bit of cam lean out (im talking like two turns on the upper y cable and we were set) I didnt have a choice on draw weight i usually shoot 60-65 this bow came in with a 50 pound draw weight so i was just a tad dissapointed but after shooting it a lot it really is fun to shoot with less draw weight and it actually feels like 60. It paper tuned and walked back tuned very easy i literally eyed it and it took 20 minutes to get square so very happy with the ease of tuning. And speed is GREAT, 28.5 50 pounds 378 grain arrow at 270. Vibration is non existent and it actually feels better at the hand then my onza! it is however pretty loud even though it came from the factory with limbsavers on the limbs. i had this thing up and shooting/sighting in about 35 minutes upon opening the package im gonna spend more time and broadhead tune this week but shes good for my 3d shoot tonight i have a feeling shes gonna be in the woods with me in october and i might just sell the onza to get a stricly 3d bow or just set the onza up for that. Pics and more on performance to come! Very happy with the FREE Darton thats for sure.