I mentioned a while back that I had recently purchased a dozen of these and some mentioned that they were interested in a review so here it is.

First and foremost, I should say that these arrows fit my bow settings perfectly. So it's no surprise they worked out well.

Having said that, I believe I have discovered my "go to" arrows.

The weight to spine ratio is pretty low when I compare them to some of the more popular brands (6.7 gr/inch for 350 spine, 6.2 for the 400), consequently they are FAST. Speed isn't my main concern but I immediately noticed a difference and so did my entourage. I was shooting some easton's (got 6 of those to hold me over until I got the HV's) and was testing out the fletchings I put on the HV's and it was clear that the HV's had a noticeable FPS difference. The fact we were able to tell just by observation is telling.

I also appreciated the difference in the finish of the arrow where the fletchings are glued on. They left a "rougher" finish at the end to get better glue contact, a nice attention to detail.

Very accurate, more so then any other arrow I have tried on my new Scepter and lets be honest, accuracy is more important than speed, at least IMO. We had a small friendly tourney during a recent camping trip and using these, I won. In fact my performance surprised me. I shoot finger, instinctive so there are good days and bad days and although this was a good day.... I'll be damned if these babies didn't have something to do with it.

I don't have a scale or any equipment to verify the straightness or weight from arrow to arrow so this is all observation but you could do worse than buying these.

I haven't been shooting them long so I can't speak to longevity but as I stated above. The next arrows I buy will most likely be Victory HV's.