I was out the the CRP field the other day and picked up a lot of trash. Parts from tractors, cars, Old Shotgun casing..the metal part, Some fence line. I was out looking for some arrows with Bh's I wasn't able to recover after last seasons hunt. I actually found a piece of the Carbon shaft and did a circle out search with the metal detector...it's tough trying to detect in and around brush. I never did recover them after two searches. I have found coin in my own yard but it was modern coins. Today I went out to the side yard for some searching. I ended up finding an arrow I lost in the ground a good 4-5 years ago. I also found either a traditional head FP or a Crossbow point. I'm not sure though as I don't use wood arrow shafts or glue on points. I love metal detecting. I do need to upgrade the detector though. I really like the Garrett AT Pro.
I'm still praying for a lost gold Cache!.