Season is coming up soon and I still want to get a new mobile set up. I've been pretty set on getting a Gorilla Silverback Scout, but recently have seen a few others that might be worth looking into. All 13lbs or less so far.

Silverback Scout $130 msrp:
Platform Size: 18" x 24"
Rating: 275 lbs.
Seat Height: 20"
Seat Size: 12.75" x 9.25"
Weight: 10.5lbs

Bone Collector Aluminum $129 (WallyWorld Special):
Weight: 10 lbs
Seat height: 22"
Platform Size: 20x29"

Field and Stream Scrapeline $120 (Dick's):
Aluminum hang-on stand with 32.5" x 22"slat platform
Flip-up platform seat with 16.5" x 11'' comfort seat cushion
Carry Weight: 13 lbs


I saw the Field and Stream stand at my local Dick's recently, but think they had it for $130 ... For the Walmart, it is ship to store - so no biggie there. The Scout I'd have to hike it up to Cabelas (bout 50 miles ... if they have one in stock)

I've never heard of the stand that Walmart is selling and I could really give a rats arse if it is a BC branded piece ... the sturdyness and the weight is what I'm more concerned with. Not sure if it actually is 10lbs. The F&S is 2.5 more than the others, which really isn't that much of a difference, but it is still "heavier" ...

I'd like to order a set of LW Sticks, thinking a 4 pack is what I'm going to want to go with in order to get to the height I'd like to see 15-20'