So I have a Alien Z RH 60 lber. I have been struggling to get it paper tuned and to get it broadheaded tuned for hunting season. I was using 350 trophy ridge crushes arrows cut a 29 in. They were tearing tail left everytime and could only get a slight tear the other way if I adjusted the rest all the way towards the riser. to looking down from the top of the bow the arrow is going towards the riser. so I adjusted the wt down to 50 lbs and got great flight not perfect but great. wanted to get it closer to 60 lbs so I bought some 300 spine arrows. now it shoots broadheads good at 60 lbs but the arrow is still going towards the riser. Some on here have said the center shot needs to be 15/16 but mine is more like 7/8 or just under it. Anythoughts on why?? I have 8 days until elk season so will be looking for ideas after sept?? Maybe swap limbs??