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    Quote Originally Posted by Tosi View Post
    I'm reading allot of you prefer the 3 over the 4 blade. This is just my experience; I've changer from the 3 blade WASP to the Slick Trick Mag 100g and the Razor Trick 100g. What a difference on Elk and South west Mule Deer. If your bow is timed and tuned the broad-head needs little to no adjustment. I just harvested a Mule Deer with a Razor Trick 100g and the shot was spot on @ 80 yards and the Deer went 15 yards. The shot went though the liver then the shoulder on exit. What a blood trail. I've harvested severely Elk and Deer over the last few years with Slick Trick and all of them were great exit holes and blood trails. For me this works, but you need to have your set up spot on. With the Razor you can see were the slice marks are, plus it a cut on contact.
    I believe you but the first sentence in Bob Cooly's post explains a lot of the problems. Either lack of knowledge or just plain lazy. The question gets asked a lot about which broadheads shoot like field points. The fact is that almost all of them will if the bow is set up well enough. This may take time and few are willing to take that time. These are the days of instant gratification with no work involved. Life just doesn't work that way.
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