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Thread: I just started my Muley hunt.... Now it's over.

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    Thumbs up I just started my Muley hunt.... Now it's over.

    First day of hunting is in the books. I had a long night and day (8-31-2012). I didn't sleep at all last night. Reinjured my back at a sporting good store in Spokane. Long story made short... a kid about 5 feet behind me messing around with the gun safes and one of the large safes tilted off the pallet when he opened the door. I was turning around facing him and the safe was already 45 degree's when it slammed down on the little boy. I feared the worse. He was screaming underneath and a foot was sticking out flailing. I was able to pull the safe up off the kid and I was screaming for help. the father was over in the rifle section about 20 feet away on his cell phone. He finally heard my calls for help. The store employee's and manager came running.... asking what happened...mind you,,, I am partially disabled and still holding a gun safe at an angle. I screamed at them to help me. The safe's doors actually broke off during the impact. I think that what saved the boy. The boys vital area's ended up inside the safe. He broke one hands by the looks of things and he was screaming. The father thanked me. After my adrenaline rush subsided. I felt the back pain come back. I'm just glad the boy survived. Between that and opening day...I haven't slept yet. I went out earlier about 9 am and also around 5 pm (9-1-12). I had a lot of deer around me but not the bigger buck I wanted. I had Deer 6 yards away from me and they never knew I was there. The wind was swirling as i crouch along an embankment, I was holding the postion so long that i had that numbing pain from the waist down. between the slip system and my TrophyBlend deer scents, I had the wind blowing right in their faces and never smelled my stink!. lol. I wanted to change position so bad but I couldn't. Doe after doe, some with fawns, some yearlings, and a couple non legal bucks passed by at 6 to 10 yards. I ad the arrows nocked and release ready as I was hoping for a good size 3 pointer would come by. Not this night. i found out later as i walked back home that the bachelors had traveled down the other side of the hill. I calmly walked like I was going for a stroll, no being sneaky. The bucks just watched me cautiously as i strolled home. I did range they but they were over 100 yards out. I only had about 10 mintues left of legal time and I didn't want to push the deer away from the area. Because i will be in that same spot this afternoon in hopes that they take that specific deer trail.

    Here's some pics I took of the first day. I could of taken any Doe I wanted but I didn't really want one on the first day...I have 29 days more to go.

    p.s., This is an edited post I copied from a thread I had on another forum that I wrote last night. Right afterward I passed out... I needed sleep I didn't even go out this morning, my body needed the rest. i reread the post I made after the safe incident and it was horrible, Not even a person that can understand Double S writing could probably have read it. They say you should never post anything when your Tired, angry, or drunk....I was tired. LOL. I'll be adding pics to this post everyday until I kill a deer or you see me BURN my unfilled tag. LOL I'll be going out this afternoon. I've had the best fortune hunting late in the afternoon. I have till 8 PM tonight.

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