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Thread: (Another) 2011 Martin Firecat 400 review

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    Default (Another) 2011 Martin Firecat 400 review

    I've had my Firecat for a little while now, and so far I am very, very impressed with it. It's set at 60 lbs, with a 27" (True) draw. The draw cycle is smooth, with a solid back wall. This is not one of those bows that will pull your arm in if you don't firmly hold back, which is nice. At the shot I feel no vibration, jump, or handshock, which is a great improvement over my Jaguar. I shot a cheap Allen Walmart arrow through the Chrono, and it says I'm getting about 259 fps. The arrow is 29" long, and weighs 432 grains, so that speed isn't too bad. I do want to eventually get arrows that weigh in under 400 grains, but at least I know the deer is going down (with proper shot placement of course). Also, this bow is quiet. With the cat whiskers and an STS, I don't hear much noise at the shot. The grip is excellent, since I am one that prefers a thin grip anyway. I have no problems grouping arrows with this bow either. It is a pleasure to shoot.

    So for anyone that's considering getting the Firecat, go for it. I highly recommend it.

    Edit: Also, when shooting again, I did notice a very slight (normal) vibration at the shot.

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