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I got my Nemesis today A quick check and all seems to be OK - except that the draw modules have sharp inner edges just as my Onza, so I will have to file them round before starting to use the bow (it will eat cables otherwise). I expected this and I have done the same thing before, so it is not really a problem for me - but for some other buyers it could be. I really, really hope that Martin has fixed the modules for their 2013 lineup, since this situation really makes no sense.

I have plans to make this my 3D competition bow and keep the Onza as my primary hunting bow. I'm thinking about buying lightweight arrows for flatter trajectory, and I will also install a 1-pin slider sight to the bow (I use no-peep so my anchor will stay constant regardless of the elevation of the sight). Perhaps also a slightly longer, heavier stabilizer.
May as well do the cams, too. Mine have always frayed the serving a bit right where the string comes off the cam. Never to the point of the serving breaking, but a little filing of the inner edge seemed to alleviate it altogether. I couldn't see the sense in putting a nice set of strings from Hutch on the bow without taking care of business first.