I'm a big fan of skulls. I was down at the river combing through the timber drifts that have been beached. My son and I enjoy walking the shoreline looking for stuff. Anyways, We settled on this nice round piece of timber a little over 5 inches thick. I cut the log in half to cut down on the weight and to mount it to the wall. We also brought home another flat piece grayish in color. I've seen fence post displays on taxidermy.net and on Taxidermy dealer sites and i always wanted to make my own. I got some old Barbwire from a fallen old way old Fence line. So everything so far is free. I just need to buy the fence nails, Some fake Sage or Bitterbrush or Alfalfa to line the base of the wall display. I was thinking about trying to find a real good fake western rattler or a Taxi rattler (If it's not expensive) and wrap it around the lower portion of the display like it's going up to the skull. I've killed a lot of Rattlers around where i live and usually just cut the rattlers off but I never took one home and tried to preserve it or Taxi it. I usually get my skull stuff, Tanning stuff from Van Dyke's. Does anyone know where I can get a real good fake rattler or taxi'd rattler for my display?
I think it's gonna turn out well. Any comments, Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I had ran out of skull degreaser and already have an order coming my way. I let the skull sit in the degreaser for 24-48 hours before washing it off and bleaching it. If you already have a similar display please feel free to share a pic with us.